Established August 2016

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

  • In the Great Flood of 2016

    over 20 parishes flooded in South Louisiana. 188,729 occupied houses and 507,495 people -- 11 percent of the state's population -- were "affected" by the flood. We couldn't sit by and watch without helping.

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  • As as people keep needing my help...
    then I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing.

How We Got Started

From day one, the shelters were flooded with people in need of somewhere to live and donated supplies, but there was a need we noticed right away that could not be fulfilled within the shelters. While there was an endless stream of donated supplies, most of the victims of the flood were not there, within the shelter. They were staying with the few family or friends that did not flood. Some homes had more than twenty people who unexpectedly needed somewhere to live. Most lost their cars and forms of transportation, which also limited their ability to obtain supplies they so desperately needed. The supplies was being donated to the shelters, but it wasn't getting to the majority of the people who needed them. That's when we started to deliver door to door, with one truck and the help of numerous people from all over who donated money or shipped us supplies. The needs changed almost daily and the number of people needing help just kept growing as well. While we could not help everyone, we made it a point to communicate their needs in hopes of getting the word out as well.
Everyday was a new adventure. Caden, my son featured here, and I would spend two hours each morning loading and organizing the supplies we had left and then hit the road knocking on door after door asking the victims of the flood what they needed. We delivered everything from trash bags to underwear to socks or even toilet paper. Whatever was told to us that people needed, we sought out how to get it and deliver to the victims. Our days were mostly filled with a lot of time on the road. With the flood being so widespread, there was a lot if territory we needed to cover. The flood effected so many parishes and people. So many were taken by complete surprise. The very essentials were needed by so many and every time we ran out of supplies and donated money, the universe presented us with more. We were able to deliver for 16 days straight! It’s hard to believe considering we were not affiliated with any particular organization but we made it happen one way or another.

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All proceeds go directly to victims of Hurricane Harvey.